Current Productions: Xania (The Series)


Xania, top prostitute to underground boss Cymon Sharpe, is planning on quiting the business because she wants to propose to her longtime girlfriend Mandy. When she goes to tell Cymon about wanting to leave, she accidentally over hears a meeting between Cymon and government agencies talking about a secret project to create perfect "obedient" field operatives. The project would implant the consciousness of an obedient subject into the body of a highly trained one they can't control. The have already captured Delilah Cole, Interpol's top field operative that went rogue, as the perfect body. When Xania is discovered listening in, Cymon decides she is the perfect obedient mind. ....But once the experiment is done and Xania wakes up in the body of Delilah...both Xania and Cymon will get more than they bargained for.


Ricardo Protheus Rodriguez


Cesar Cipher Gabriel

Ricardo Protheus Rodriguez


Sci-fi / Crime Drama


"SELFLESS" (With Ryan Reynolds)


"FEMME FATALE" (With Rebecca Romijn & Antonio Banderas)

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