XaniA (tv series)

Xania, top prostitute to underground boss Cymon Sharpe, is planning on quiting the business because she wants to propose to her longtime girlfriend Mandy. When she goes to tell Cymon about wanting to leave, she accidentally over hears a meeting between Cymon and government agencies talking about a secret project to create perfect "obedient" field operatives. The project would implant the consciousness of an obedient subject into the body of a highly trained one they can't control. The have alrea

Cause & Effect (Feature Film)

An average kid named Street (Cesar Cipher Gabriel) gets the chance of a lifetime when Khalil (Ricardo Protheus Rodriguez) an infamous business owner offers him a job that would change his life. The job of the first male assassin in an all female agency. As he becomes the best, he makes enemies within the agency, but is given his first female target with special instructions. When he meets Deja (Tammy Torres)...he discovers that nothing is as it seems. 

QueenPin (Web Series)

Prostreamz Presents: A Crime/Drama episodic web / tv series, "QUEENPIN" Written By Cesar Gabriel starring Andrea "Jemiini" Olivarria, Cesar "Cipher" Gabriel, Recklezz Vasquez, Joseph P. Bilella, Ricardo "Protheus" Rodriguez, Nelson "Boodah" Rodriguez Kizzy Hood Hippies and more... WATCH SEASON 1 NOW!!! on out YouTube Channel You don't want to miss it. special effects motion picture film